Hello, Bonjour, & Bem Vindo Canada! My name is Morganna, and I’m fifteen years old. I was born in Montreal and live in Baie-D’Urfé. I attend Beaconsfield High School in secondary 3 and maintain high honours. May 24, 2018, I received most outstanding student in French. I have two brothers ages eleven and six, which makes me the oldest. I like being the oldest because my brothers look up to me and I enjoy being a role model for them. I enjoy being the only girl and which makes me the princess in the house. I love spending time with my family and celebrating family events. I have amazing parents who are very supportive and help my brothers and me with anything we need. I dream to be a doctor and love science. I study really hard to be able to accomplish my dreams. I’m also a junior lifeguard, I have my bronze medallion and bronze cross. At sixteen I will work hard to get my nationals. In my free time, I babysit, go swimming, spend time with friends, and help out with my community. I’m half Irish and half Portuguese. I speak English, French and a little bit of Portuguese. My father immigrated from Portugal and I enjoy celebrating family traditions and following the Portuguese culture. I’m very passionate in everything I do and work really hard to succeed.

I’m so honoured to be named Miss Teenage Montreal 2018! May 20th, 2018 I was selected to be one of the regional finalists to represent my city. I received the title of Miss Teenage Island of Montreal which allows me to make a difference in my community and to my platform. I was so ecstatic to receive such an amazing opportunity. Going into this pageant I was really eager and confident. My perseverance, hard work, and confidence have got me where I am today. I’ve never been so proud to hold this title and to represent Montreal. I’m looking forward to making positive changes to my community and most importantly to be the role model I’ve always wanted to be for society.


My platform is to empower the community of Pointe St. Charles. I’ll host a “House Party” and raise money, collect non-perishable food items, and children’s books for Saint Columba House. Saint Columba House offers a variety of programs for kids such as; meal take-out, after-school program, community lunch, and hand-in-hand. I understand vividly the difference Saint Columba House makes in its community because my grandfather grew up in Pointe Saint Charles. I’ll continue to help out with this foundation yearly to help build awareness of the excellent programs that Saint Columba House offers. I think it’s important for children to be able to read, have food, and be able to have the things that we are so fortunate to have. Many people aren’t very fortunate and many don’t realize how lucky some of us are. I’m very fortunate to live in such an amazing community like Baie-D’Urfé, and I’m happy to be helping another community with much bigger needs than ours.

So far with my title, I’m proud to say that I have donated four hundred dollars to Saint Columba House. It was such an amazing feeling to give away money for a better cause. Saint Columba House was very happy with the generous donation and I will continue to give my support. I also got to meet with the elderly’s and they were very excited to have me speak with them. I am excited to meet with the children in July and help out with the variety of programs that Saint Columba House offers. I have collected over a thousand books, non-perishable food items and delivered flyers. My community is aware of my platform and will stand behind me to help Saint Columba House.


Your Miss Teenage Island of Montreal, Morganna🇨🇦

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