Hey everyone! As most of you know I’ve been working with Saint Columba House to help empower the community of Pointe Saint Charles. I’ve been having such an amazing time working with the amazing staff. To help with the community, I’ve been collecting children books, perishable food items, and monetary donations. Thanks to the community of Baie-D’Urfé and Beurling Academy High School in LaSalle we’ve already collected around a thousand books. I was so happy to drop the books off to Saint Columba House. They will be making a brand new library and will be adding lots of bookshelves in the fall! I’m delighted and humbled to know that I helped contribute to such a great room.

Mr. and Mrs. Denver from Baie-D’Urfé donated to Saint Columba House. They took interest and even read about Saint Columba House who was very delighted with the generous donation. Also, there was another generous donation from Kathy and Grant Gehlsen Jr.

I strongly believe every child should be able to read. Literature allows you to learn many things like biology, science, math, gospel, life lessons, etc. It also allows for a child to dream and for a tiny moment to embrace something positive. Just one book can make a difference in a child’s life. Reading is an amazing thing and every child should be able to learn how to read and as well have books read to them. Saint Columba House will be expanding their library this year, so the kids in the after-school program will benefit from many books to read. Can’t wait to see how the library turns out and how excited the kids will be!

The hand-in-hand program created an amazing novel ‘Toby to the rescue’. They worked extremely hard on the illustrations and created a captivating novel for children.

I also dropped off the perishable food items! I think it’s extremely important for everyone to be able to have food and be well fed. Many of us are very lucky whereas many aren’t as fortunate. But I’ve been willing to change that by raising perishable food items, children’s books, and monetary donations. Saint Columba House is very happy with the donations they’ve been receiving and that I’ve chosen Saint Columba House as my platform. I feel so accepted by them and happy that they have embraced me into there Columba House family.

June 19th, I dropped fresh croissants to the workers of Saint Columba House. They work very hard at what they do and deserve appreciation.

I spent the morning with Lisa Byer-de Wever at Saint Columba House. She gave me an amazing tour and expressed how important Saint Columba House is to her. Lisa works extremely hard and shows great passion for Saint Columba House. Her three goals are justice, empowerment, and education. With these three goals, everyone can concur with what they are set out to do. I was emotionally moved to hear her speak about Saint Columba House. They are lacking in volunteer help. They need help with painting, gardening, cooking, tutoring, mentoring, etc. They can never have too many volunteers! I met with some more amazing staff like Mat Forget who takes over Bill’s Community Bike Shop. Mat fixes the bikes that are donated to Saint Columba house. A lot of the transportation used is by bicycle. He also teaches a hands-on workshop to teach kids how to change a flat or a brake line, so if anyone has old bikes don’t be shy to contribute them to an amazing cause. He also helps keep the old parts from the bikes out of the garbage. I met with Emilie Jacques who takes care of the children’s day camp and schooling. They have such a great room for the kids. Also, Adams Dion-Bernard who takes care of the Café Pronto program. During the day the community can come in hang out and have a coffee. Only fifty cents and have a great conversation! Last week I met with Patrick de Gruyter who is the project coordinator, Joseph Olasina who is the caretaker, and Alhadji Aché and Julia Yon who take care of the community lunch program, where they make healthy and fresh lunches for everyone. I met with Melissa Chamberlain who takes care of the hand-in-hand program. Melissa works really hard and is so connected with her group. They really embraced me from day one and got to take pictures with all of them. They love their photos taken and I was pleased to pose for the photos. I met with more of the hand-in-hand group and I decided to give the monetary donations to this group. The reason why I chose the hand-in-hand for this donation is that they were the first group that I got to meet with. I got to tell them about the amazing title I have and of course that I’m going to help with empowering their community. Smiles, clapping, and thank you’s lit up the room. That was the first time I ever felt so appreciated with my title and it felt amazing. Seeing their smiles every day warm my heart and even bring me tears. That feeling will make me continue with Saint Columba House even after my title is over. One visit to Saint Columba House and you too will feel the warmth that I felt. Absolutely a great community center! From Bees to Teens as Lisa says!😆



Saint Columba House welcomes all children of all ages. They treat them like family and you feel right at home. Saint Columba House works very hard to empower their community and make it even better. They work with other schools with after-school programs, bilingual programs, and homework tutoring. Saint Columba House accepts people from all backgrounds and all different languages. They even offer their pamphlets in many different languages such as; English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, and many more. Many children enter Saint Columba House either anglophone or francophone, but they teach the children both languages. I think that is really amazing. They also have discussions about how to control your emotions, what consent is for one person to another, bullying, body image and health. They believe children should learn these things from a young age to be aware of the changes to their body and being able to express emotions to others. Their goal is to empower children and youth with education, and by providing twenty-six amazing programs for the children, youth, and seniors, this allows for them to learn and be prepared for anything in life.

The children of Saint Columba House enjoy participating in art projects like painting. They were very creative when the community asked: “What does Saint Columba House mean to you?”

Saint Columba House has created their own garden. They plant trees and many fruits and veggies to be able to empower the environment of Saint Columba House. The fresh fruits and veggies are also used in their kitchen. They even have bee hives and make their own honey! They have a coffee house, ‘Café Pronto’ where they allow everyone to talk and sit down for coffee and fresh food. Saint Columba House provides hot meals for two dollars and has a pass of twenty meals for thirty dollars. Many people who aren’t able to provide food for themselves come for a nutritious and filling hot meal. Not only do they come for the meal, they come to communicate with their friends, who they see as their family. Instead of being home alone and having no one to talk to, the community joins together because they love communicating with one another. They feel comfortable enough around each other and treat each other like family. For me, this is really rare, not many people are able to have a place and talk with other people. Many are alone, have no home, no food, and no family. This is really sad, and Saint Columba House gives their community that chance. Everyone is welcome! Even if you are new they treat you as a family, and Saint Columba House is another place that I call home. When I introduced myself and told the community that I wanted to help and empower the community of Saint Columba House they were beyond excited and has welcomed me ever since. As soon as I walked through that door…smiles. Always smiling and greeting to everyone. Saint Columba House isn’t just a place, it’s a home to everyone.

Saint Columba House welcomes you with opening arms!😁

“Seeking justice through empowerment, education, action, and providing a safe space and resources for the community to achieve these goals”

Your Miss Teenage Island of Montreal, Morganna🇨🇦

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