Hey everyone! As most of you know I’ve been working with Saint Columba House to help empower their community. Tuesday and Wednesday I offered to volunteer as a counselor at Saint Columba House for the children’s summer camp. As soon as I walked in, everyone was so happy to see me again. I also saw Emilie, who was organizing the groups and checking attendance. The kids get divided into three age groups such as; five to six, seven to eight, and nine to ten. I was so lucky to be with such an amazing group of kids ages from five to six. Their classroom had all kinds of toys, games, books and an art wall…it was so cute! I worked with five other counselors; Mea, Maria, Ryan, Zujanshan, and Kim. They were all very friendly and welcoming. Our day started at 9 am and ended at 3 pm. During the day, everyone is always busy, so the day passes quickly when you’re having fun!

✍The kids love to draw🖌

Day 1: It was my first day and I’ve never been a counselor before, so I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there Emilie, the alternate school teacher gave me my group. That’s when I met Mea, super nice and friendly. She’s so patient and the kids love her. She showed me the classroom, introduced me to the other counselors, and showed me the schedule. The morning was pretty relaxing. All the kids stayed in their pajamas because it was PJ day. The seven to eight group also joined with our group where they watched Big Hero 6. The kids also had the option to draw, if they didn’t want to watch the movie. After the movie, we separated and the kids ate lunch. Then, we got the kids changed into their bathing suits. It’s really hot outdoors, especially for the kids, therefore they go to the pool every day. Once they were changed in their swimsuits, to keep track, all of the kids had to put on Saint Columba House t-shirts. Ryan got the rope to keep the kids all together on the walk to the metro. Everyone got on the metro and they behaved really well! Then we finally arrived at Saint-Henri pool. The children were really excited to get in the pool, but water safety is always important. Kids who needed life jackets had to put on life jackets, and every kid had to put on red bracelets. It was nice to be in the pool again supervising all the kids. I love swimming and lifeguarding, but most importantly helping Saint Columba House with an extra set of eyes to watch the kids! We stayed there for a couple of hours until it was ready to get the kids changed again and ready to go. By then it was already 3 and it was time for parents to come pick up their kids, and say goodbye. The kids were curious to see if I was coming back the next day, and I was so glad to say yes!

Saint Columba House Tees!💚

Big Hero 6📽 + Lunch😋


Always together👫

At the Subway🚇








Day 2: I was so excited to wake up and get back to the kids! Our day started right away. We decided to spend the day at the Aquadome in La Salle. While we were waiting for all the kids to arrive, Ryan, Mea, Kim, Zujanshan and I played with the kids in the gym. They love zombie tag! As soon as all the kids arrived, they put on their green tees and we were ready to go. This time we took the city bus. When we arrived, several camps were also at the Aquadome. We helped the kids get undressed and get their swimsuits on. Next, we rinsed off and took showers before entering the pool. The kids burned lots of energy at the pool and swam a lot. Later, we had lunch and went back into the pool for an hour. Then, we got changed to take the city bus again. We got back to Saint Columba House thirty minutes early. In the meantime we let the kids play board games, use the building blocks and draw. Kim also got the kids freezies, which they were happy about. Snack time resulted in sticky fingers and faces…lol! After, it was time to say my last goodbye. I really didn’t want to leave them, nor did they want me to leave. But I’d say saying goodbye is the hardest part of being a counselor.

Selfie time with Violetta🤩💖

Yum Freezies!😏

They are so concentrated😏

🎲Board games with Calvin, Emmanuel, and Violetta🎲







I had so much fun volunteering and spending time with the kids. I learned a lot about what it takes to be a C.I.T and the importance of having patience. Saint Columba House makes these children so happy, and they are so lucky to have such amazing people surrounding them. I’m happy to be able to support them and giving them the help they need. I love hanging out with them and seeing them smile. It makes my day. After spending these past two days with them, I’m really looking forward to being a counselor next year. This way I can be with the children every day. It’ll be a good way to start my day and a good way to end. I can’t wait to get back to Saint Columba House after the pageant! Hopefully with a bigger crown and sash!

💕Second Family💕


Your Miss Teenage Island of Montreal, Morganna🇨🇦

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